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Welcome to Mylor Ventures Ltd

Mylor Ventures Ltd is an Independent Corporate Finance and Venture Capital company that looks to help companies raise capital, establish client relationships and develop robust sales opportunities.  The company has developed a significant track record in the region enabling growth companies to raise their required capital.  Mylor Ventures works with new companies as well as established entities in addition to undertaking Investment Readiness training for investors, universities and other institutional clients.

We do not manage funds, but seek to help companies raise capital through available grants, angels, Venture Capitalists, Corporate Investors and Crowd Sourcing.

" Mylor Ventures gave us the credibility and advice to raise $250,000 from the leading US Corporate in our sector "
Lloyd Pennington
- Co-founder and CEO
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Preparing for and raising capital

Business Structure

Structuring companies for success.


Management support and training.