Grants Delivery Partner

Mylor Ventures Ltd can act in both an advisory capacity as well as a delivery partner for Grants, particularly Innovate UK.

We have expertise in applying for Innovate UK grants and have established an excellent track record of winning Calls, as well as working with clients as Project Managers.

Sectors where Mylor Ventures is strong, and Grants are generally available are:

  1. Marine Technology such as Wave energy, supply chains and resource.
  2. Manufacturing, particularly for those companies which undertake significant Research and Development
  3. Digital Economy: With the recent Broadband installation and a growing developer community, Cornwall offers an excellent location to invest.
  4. Agri-tech: With its strong rural sector and innovation history, there is much potential for this sector.
  5. Space and Aerospace: With outstanding assets in the county such as Goonhilly Earth Station and Newquay Airport, we have excellent infrastructure for companies involved in this sector.

There are also other Grant opportunities such as the Strategic Prosperity Funds.